A session at the pratice always consist of these three parts: consultation part, work part and a closing part. Before meeting you, I have prepared the session by connecting to your energy. I look at your energy, your blockages and important topics in your life by connecting with your energy field and listening to what my gifts tell me about you. During the consultation part of the session we discuss my preparation and your questions while drinking a cup of coffee or tea. If you have had a session before, we will also discuss your progress.

After this consultation part we choose what techniques we are going to use and get to work. If you chose to Psychic Impressions, Tarot and Oracle Readings or EFT we remain seated at the table. If you chose Energy Therapy or massage, you will lie down on the massage table. During the session you can always interrupt me to ask questions or provide feedback. Regularly I will ask you whether you still comfortable and if everything is ok.

When your time is almost up I will let you know that we are nearing the end of the session. The closing part is important, so I will make sure that you have time to ground yourself, ask a last question or discuss a last topic and we can take care of the last administrative things (payment, booking a new appointment and discussing home work) without being rushed.