A session at the practice always consist of three parts: discussion of the theme, actual healing and finishing up. I prepared the session before I even met you, checking what the central theme that needs healing is and where your wounds are (body, head, heart, but also past lives, family patterns, subsconciously, archetypes etc.). I discuss with you what kind of influence this has on your behavior, experiences and life.

My work has the following three stages: Acknowledgement of where you are at, healing parts of yourself and wholeness. I will always start by letting you feel what effects this theme has in the most injured parts. I will ask you to take a step into parts of yourself and through me you will receive what you need to heal them. My gifts will tell me what you need and which parts of you are involved. This knowledge will help you understand why this theme is in your life and what new healthy balance wants to be born. Together we integrate the new knowledge and all parts of you, after which I ask you to literally step into your new life of wholeness.

After the healing you will receive a personal card made by me with a short story or affirmation to affirm the new way of living and as a remembrance of our session.

You can choose to have a session at the practice in Delft, by phone, Skype, WhatsApp or by e-mail.