Customer experiences from solution sessions

I have helped people with the most diverse problems and goals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Usually we work together for 5-7 sessions to meet a single goal or solve a problem. Of course there are exceptions with some people needing only a single session or unfortunately quite a few when multiple layers present themselves.

Fertility Problems

Mrs Q. wants start an IVF-treatment but after a spiritual sessionancy she agreed that she tires easily and has a hard time finding balance in her life. She recently started Yoga, but she still feels vulnerable and reacts to most issues in a very emotional manner. She does not wish to respond in such a manner but is unable to respond differently.

Results: There is a marked difference in energy levels and well being. Mrs. Q. is able to keep her life balanced and to be assertive about her boundaries.

Later Results: After a time of relaxation in her relationship and life Mrs. Q. and her partner decided to restart IVF-treatment with an extra Energy Healing Boost for Mrs. Q. At that moment it's clear that this IVF-treatment is going better. Soon after our session Mrs. Q let me know that she is indeed pregnant and their twins were born in 2011.

Mrs. S. has temporarily stopped her IUI treatments, as this procedure is emotionally and physically very difficult for her. Despite the high dose of hormones it took too long for her eggs to ripen. Often resulting in IUI treatments that took longer then a month or had to be cancelled.

Results: The IUI treatments of Mrs. S. are now going right on schedule, with eggs ripening in 2 weeks. She has almost no side effects now or stress and feels comfortable continuing treatments to try to get pregnant.

Relationship problems and goals

Mrs. N. tells me that she regularly ended up in relationships that made her terribly unhappy. She would take on the role of caretaker/mother and felt the relationships often became completely unbalanced. She often felt that she did not really wanted to be in the relationship with that person, but felt unable to say no. Often she felt unloved on a regular basis. After several long term relationships she has had multiple dates ending in disappointment as men would not respond back to her after a few dates. She often obsessively looked into her behaviour and her faults as to why things weren't working out and would worry if and when somebody would call her back.

Results: A few months later she met somebody and started a healthy relationship in which she felt loved and cherished. She also noticed an increased sense of self-esteem and was happier with her social life. Now, more then a year later, she is living together with the man she met and they are expecting their first child.

Mrs. A. has ended her long relationship after years together, but keeps fantasising about her ex. Currently she is in a new relationship that is already several years old, but she feels unable to give herself totally. Recently she got into touch with her ex again and she's sick and tired of feeling torn. She wants to end those old feelings permanently.

Results:After the session Mrs. T feels relieved and more at peace. A few days later she lets me know she is happy with the results and wants to see if she can work things out on her own.

Mrs. B. has left her husband years ago, but keeps feeling connected to him. Despite the fact that even her children are telling her to start dating again, she still feels guilty and inhibited.

Results: After a few sessions Mrs. B stops feeling guilty and decide to end the last financial ties to her ex husband. She feels ready to start a new relationship and has released all her feelings of guilt.

Mr. C. has had an affair a few years ago, but based on a mutual decision decided to try to save his marriage and stay together. He still notices effects of his mistakes and he wants to get his life back into balance. He feels he's sometimes avoiding his wife by working and isn't as focused on his marriage as he would like.

Results: After sessions Mr. C says he feels better and he notices positive effects in his behaviour. He is focused on himself and his own goals, instead of working continuously. He noticed a marked difference in his feelings of guilt and positive changes in his relationship.

Mr. D. feels that he listens too much to his mother and his wife and doesn't have enough agency in his own life. He regularly feels tired and unappreciated.

Results: After a session Mr. D. tells me he feels more at ease. He feels stronger and more at peace.

Mrs. E & Mr. F. want to have a session together as they have been considering living together. They have made this decision mutually, however a few months later Mr. R. still hasn't made any concrete efforts. Mr. R. finds it hard to explain why has not done anything and why he has not sold his house and found a job nearby.

Results: After the session it's clear why Mr. R. is having such a hard time taking steps to solve this situation. He feels more at ease with the decision and feel able to start doing things to solve it. Mrs. S. now has clarity about what was going on and about his motives and feels more understanding towards Mr. R.

Weight Loss

Mrs. U. would like to lose several kilo's as she is more then 20 kilo's overweight. She has always been heavy and is tired of following diets with little results. She comes to me asking if I could help her. Soon it's clear to both of us that she has a chocolate addiction, regularly doesn't cook well for herself, doesn't not like or love her body and feels embarrassed in the gym.

Results: Mrs. U. finds out that she is no longer craving her daily chocolate bar and feels better about her body. She eats more regularly and chooses healthier foods. She remarks that she's losing weight. She feels better about exercising and does not feel any stress or pressure with making these lifestyle changes. She remarks it feels natural and relaxing.

Mr. K. is at least 35 kilo's above a healthy weight and has been overweight even as a child. His eating pattern is irregular and several times a week he doesn't feel like cooking for himself. Exercising is not a good idea (due to high risks of injuries) and his sleeping patterns are also disrupted. He has been following diets in the past and has lost significant amounts of weight (20 kilo's), but as soon as he stopped dieting it all came back very quick. He's ready for lifestyle changes and lasting weight loss.

Results so far: After a few sessions Mr. K. noticed that he has lost less weight then he had hoped so far, but he has noted significant changes. He feels more active, walks more and his intestinal tract is working better. He's sleeping habits and patterns have improved and he has noted a different attitude towards food. He says he feels a lot different with these lifestyle changes instead of having to focus on a diet. Since 2011 he has lost more then 20kg without dieting. Mr. K. sometimes comes by to boost his weight loss, because he feels he's not yet at his ideal weight, but he hasn't gained back any of the kilo's he lost.

Mrs. S has always been above normal weight, but wants to get rid of it now. Since she has had sessions with me before she wants to know what I can do for her concerning this particular topic. Soon it's clear she doesn't really accept her body and she really feels like she's ugly. She works out regularly, but still isn't losing weight.

Results: Mrs. S. noticed that she is feeling better about herself and is prepared to eat healthier. However, since she has a busy life she has decided to temporary put a hold on the sessions.

Health problems and goals

Mrs. K. has post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS) and in her daily life she has trouble driving. She and her family have been through several traumatic car accidents. She finds it difficult and stressful to drive, but she will do it when she has to. She feels anxiety in the car, but also just walking the streets. She has had multiple treatments with therapist, but has felt no permanent relief.

Results: After the first session Mrs. K. noticed she feels better in her car. She is less tense and several other anxieties also disappear. She lets her young child run around free in a neighbourhood shop as she feels confident that she can spot danger in time instead of holding her child's hand constantly and feeling nervous. After the second treatment she is confident and relaxed in her car and on the streets. She is very surprised to be feeling so well and happy.

Mr. T. is smoking and wants to quit to start IVF treatments with his partner. He is often stressed and when that happens smokes a lot. He quit smoking before but started again at a stressful period in his life. He also noticed that when he quit smoking he started eating to compensate. He can easily smoke 14-18 cigarettes a day.

Results: After several EFT sessions Mr. T. feels a lot more relaxed, but he doesn't have much time to do his homework. He notices he is less stressful and more able to plan his week. The number of cigarettes daily dropped and no other addictions take over or grow. He changes from a stress smoker into a social smoker. He is satisfied with the treatments and smokes between 6-12 cigarettes daily with an average of 11. He is happy with the side-effects of the treatment: more peace, less stress, feeling better and the gentleness of the treatment with no side effects, but he decides to see if he can reduce the number of cigarettes on his own. A few months later it's clear that he's happy with the amount he is smoking and is not looking to quit.

After the loss of her father Mrs. D. went through a very difficult period culminating with the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Years later it's noticed that this is a wrong diagnosis and she is currently viewed as having had a breakdown instead. With the help of medical professionals she is slowly reducing her medications and wants to get her life back on track. She asked me if I could support her in this process.

Results: After the sessions Mrs. D. feels a lot better emotionally and physically. She made peace with the passing of her father and finished grieving for him. She communicates better with her family and feels that the bonds between her and her sister have significantly improved. She feels strong again, found a new job that she is excelling in and feels appreciated by the staff. She is very satisfied with her life.

Mrs. E. has several health conditions and doesn't feel well at all. She feels she keeps losing energy, especially from her job, although she has worked there with joy in the past 20 years. She feels like all she wants to do is sleep.

Results: After a few sessions Mrs. E. has ample energy and feels she can work towards a career that she feels will be more fulfilling. It's clear she has a lot of untapped potential and she plans to work on tapping into it.

Mrs. F. thinks she's a person who is often unsure of herself, feels she regularly has moods and often feels tired. She'd love to feel better physically and get more assertive.

Results: After her sessions Mrs. F. recognizes that she's energy sensitive and she pays close attention to her needs and her environment. She finds harmony easier to achieve, even when she doesn't agree with others. She feels stronger and asserts herself when it's needed.

Mrs. G. has problems with her ears, throat and nose. She has been seeing an ENT specialist, but treatment has had no results.

Results: After her sessions Mrs. G. no longer suffers from headaches and migraines, feels a lot more fit and notices her sense of smell is returning.

Mrs. T. has had sessions for other reasons and feels happier and balanced. She keeps having problems of pain and stiffness in her hands and feet, because she has rheumatism and she wants improvement in that area as well.

Results: Mrs. T notices a marked difference in pain and stiffness. Other people in her life also remark that it seems she has more energy and is able to achieve more.

Mrs. U. has finally received the diagnosis of Lyme disease and is being treated with antibiotics. She's worried about her future, because she has been ill for a long time. She fears she might become wheelchair bound or have complaints for the rest of her life.

Resultaat: Mrs. U. feels happier and more positive about her future and noticed her complaints (tiredness, dizziness and concentration loss) have disappeared. She feels better then ever.

Goals and problems concerning children and young adults

Ms. S. has had significant nausea for a while now and lives in fear that she will throw up. This fear and nausea comes up in several situations and although her school is doing everything it can (allowing her to have her tests in a separate classroom) this does not have the desired effect. She has been through a battery of tests at the hospital but no physical explanation for her nausea has been found.

Results: After the first session Ms. S. is surprised that she feels significantly less nauseated. She hadn't expected any results as she has suffered from this nausea for so long. Soon Ms. S. notices that the nausea only comes back in severe stress situations and she receives many compliments from teachers that they are noticing she is beaming with joy again and smiling. After the last session she feels balanced and happy and up to living life to the fullest!

Child K. comes for a session together with his mother who has had several sessions with me. His mother is concerned about his situation at school and feels he is often not himself. He feels like an outsider at school and is having difficulty being himself, sometimes he chooses to adjust and sometimes he chooses to stand up to others, but neither makes him happy.

Results: A few weeks later K's mother discusses the situation with me. She says he is doing a lot better, feeling positive about himself and seems to glow. His situation at school significantly changed for the better. He is no longer bullied as other children are responding a lot better towards him. She is very satisfied.

Child S. accompanies her mother who has had sessions with me. Child S. comes from a family with different cultural backgrounds and her different sets of grandparents treat her differently. Child S. has also been bullied at school and has difficulties building friendships. Child S. regularly feels unhappy.

Results: Child S. has started blooming and regularly contacts other children and asks for play dates.

Child R. accompanies her mother who has had sessions with me. Child R. has unexplained stomache aches and sleep problems. Child R. also has dyslexia and hates doing the extra chores she needs to do at school.

Results: Child. R. sleeps like a rose again and has more fun at school. Her mother tells me that how she deals with her dyslexia has greatly improved and she enjoys readings now.