Technique: EFT

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique that came from the USA and is still rather new in Holland, although it has been used by many people at home and also by coaches and psychologists. The theory of EFT is that all types of issues, physical complaints and blockages are caused by problems in the energy field. These problems are caused by emotional tension based on unprocessed events.

Many people recognise the truth in this theory: when you think of somebody who betrayed you, you can feel your jaw or shoulders tighten. The next time you will meet that person, the anger you still feel will influence your behaviour. Mostly these emotions are processed by talking or taking actions to solve issues. When that's not enough, EFT solves these by combining affirmations and sentences with acupressure (lightly tapping several points on the body).

In my practice I usually work only with the hand tapping points the first time to learn EFT step by step, but after that I work (when possible and necessary) with all the other points as well. I ask clients to repeat what I say and to tap their points while I tap the points on my body. While tapping my own points I tap for the other person by proxy so both of us will be working for you.

The sentences used with EFT are needed to make sure you are in the energy of that particular moment and allows us to change the energy. For many people this is the hardest part of the technique. Choosing what words to use can be difficult when you are emotional or you can't find the underlying cause. With my Psychic gift I find the true underlying cause rapidly and easily and I will receive guidance on which words should be used. I also can feel the energy shifting so I can see if the problem is truly resolved.

During the tapping sometimes you can also feel your energy, opinion or feelings change and sometimes these changes are combined with physical reactions like laughters, tears, yawning, burps or farts. It's also possible that physical complaints feel differently, that clients feel changes in their body (lighter, warm, cold) or that their thoughts go towards other issues or memories. Your own intuition might also guide you, so be sure to speak up during the session.

Now and again I will ask you if you can tell me on a scale from 1 - 10 how much something still bothers you, how sad you still are or how much a physical ailment still troubles you. This is a way for me to check how things are progressing from your perspective. Depending on how far we are with solving the issues, I might choose a different aspect or a different technique based on your feedback.

The wonderful thing about EFT is that it's a peaceful, soft technique in which there is time to talk and consult with each other. After the session you receive a short worksheet with all the points and personalised homework to continue the healing work.

An example of a session in which I use EFT can be seen in the video that shows the possibilities for solutions.