Technique: Energy Therapy

My form of Energy Healing is based on my own specific Psychic gifts. I do not work with a known system like Reiki or Quantum Touch. I choose to call what I do Energy Therapy to signify that it not only entails giving energy to help heal issues, but also allows blockages to be released. I have helped people recover from serious physical illnesses, emotional and mental distress.

Usually you will comfortably lie on my massage table so I can reach all parts of your body and energy field. I usually start with a short moment to feel the energy, check how the response is and to bring peace and healing into the energy field. I work with my hands on your body and above your body. You can feel warmth, cold, prickly or (very rarely) pain, but sometimes you will not sense anything or only after you get off the table (feelings of peace, restfulness, extra energy, freedom, release or a small bit of dizziness) or the day after (more energy). It's very rare for people to feel nothing at all in their bodies, but do notice that the behaviour and issues that were worked on did truly change.

After the short introduction and the release of energy I am ready to continue working on the issues that we agreed on. Depending on what is necessary and wanted I choose techniques for: working on the bodies own healing powers and giving extra energy (sometimes also with crystals or singing bowl), bring the energy in a restful state, releasing energetic blockages, karma, entities or trauma and changing behaviour.

When I work directly upon a specific theme I will ask you to repeat things for me. When you repeat these sentences, affirmations or words that I sense through my psychic gifts it will bring the energy of that problem or goal into your energy field and I can feel where there are blockages. Often it's hard to repeat what I say or it might even look like it has nothing to do with your issue or the kind of person you are. Saying these things might bring tears or laughter, but it's also possible to note changes in the energy field by feeling, sudden yawning, burping or even farting. Often the energy travels through me and I am the person who needs to burp, yawn or sneeze.

After the work I did I always bring your energy back towards a calm and peaceful state and if needed give your body extra energy to solve and process any energetic leftovers. It's also important to take the time to drink a cup of tea or coffee with me to come back to your body and ground an extra bit. In general this techniques works 2-3 weeks and things will gradually change and improve.

An example of a session in which I use energy therapy can be seen in the video that shows the possibilities for solutions.