Technique: Massage

A few years ago I got two certificates in Polarity massage so I could work with this lovely massage technique. I have chosen Polarity massage as my form of massaging because of the theory behind Polarity massaging, the use of western and eastern grips, the Polarity movements (using the lay on of hands to promote balance) and the possibility to combine this massage modality with my own personal gifts.

In my opinion Polarity massage is a form of health massaging because it focuses on ways to solve physical blockages and blockages in the energy field as well as promoting well being and a peaceful feeling. I combine Polarity massage with energy healing movements and I make sure energy flows through my hands during the massage. Some people find this extremely relaxing because they can actually feel a lot of warmth coming from my hands.

Despite the fact that I mostly use Polarity massage to solve problems and complaints, it's also excellent to book as session to enjoy, relax and appreciate your body. Most of the time clients will notice a reduction in complaints or complete relief for 2-3 weeks.

I own a large massage table so clients can relax easily on it and I work with oil from Volatile and several types of cream. I always ask clients to bring their own towel, but I always have extra's on hand should clients forget them. Due to hygienic reasons I won't allow anybody on the table naked. Depending on the time we have together and what is necessary the massage can be of specific body parts (for example: neck, shoulders and head) or clients receive a massage for both the back and front of their body.