Phone Sessions

Unable to visit the practice in Delft or looking for a shorter session? Then a booking a phone session is the right fit for you. Payment needs to be received at least 24 hours before the session through Paypal or bank transfer. If payment isn't cleared, I might cancel your session. On the agreed upon time you contact me by phone or through Skype or Facetime.

A phone session begins with a brief discussion about what you want, what I have prepared and sensed about you and then we will start working towards answers and solutions. All techniques except of course massage are also possible in a phone session. Psychic Impressions or Energy Therapy will be almost exactly the same during your phone session as they would have been in a session at the practice. For more information on the differences, read the Blog post I made about it.

When I'm doing a Tarot or Oracle Reading for you by phone, I will tell you when I'm shuffling the cards and which cards I'm drawing. During EFT by phone I will ask you if you can put me on the speaker and if you can tap together with me. If that's impossible, I will tap for you. I hardly do any Spiritual Drawings by phone, because even using Skype or FaceTime they are difficult to show to you and massage is of course, out of the question.